King Rama5 Chulalongkorn Painting  #DW430

CAT NO. : DW430



Chulalongkorn was the fifth monarch of Siam under the House of Chakri.

He was known to the Siamese of his time as Phra Phuttha Chao Luang.

His reign was characterised by the modernisation of Siam, governmental and social reforms,

and territorial concessions to the British and French.

Born: September 20, 1853, The Royal Grand Palace, Bangkok

Died: October 23, 1910, Amphorn Sathan Residential Hall, Bangkok

Full name: Phra Bat Somdet Phra Poraminthra Maha Chulalongkorn Phra Chunla Chom Klao Chao Yu Hua


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