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10-12C Alabaster Andagu Burma Buddha Story Votive #MS27


DESCRIPTION: "Andaku" is a quick Buddhist sculpture about life events and tells the history of Acquired Buddhism and Lord Buddha This type of art, although a small but very artistic work with philosophy and artisan work that is difficult to find anything else to compare. Although the art of creating andak will continue to exist today. Because of the fact that Andagu is currently being created from commercial economic drive rather than from the work that has been passed on through the faith caused by the mind In addition to that, the body of Anaku itself is a historical textbook that clearly describes the political events of the past.
PERIOD: 10-12th century
RARITY AND CONDITION: Extremely rare, good condition, some possible cleaning / restoration,
expected day to day wear (see photos)
PROVENANCE: Acquired from a Burmese collector
EVALUATION APPRAISAL: A very impressive, almost museum quality piece, with stunning workmanship and beautiful detail. Some natural wear and tear but still exceptional.Fantastic piece with great spiritual presence.


Price: US$2,000.00

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